Two Newfoundlanders in a Bar talk About “Itchycoo Park”

-Ah this one!

-Yes, yes, this one.

-I love it when your fella comes in on the piano there.

-Oh, yes, I love that.

-He’s the front runner, I’d say.

-The pace car.

-Yes, yes, the pace car.

-And then, wait, yes, there it is, your fella singing.

-Steve Mario, that one.

-Not quite, but close.

-The Italian fella.

-Again, not quite. You’re missing your hard T, I’m afraid.

-Steve Tario?

-Wrong end!

-Wrong end?

-Marriot. Steve Marriot. A right dynamo, that one. Small as a thimble, but boy could he sing.

-They were all wee. Little fellas. The Little Faces they were called.


-The Small Faces. I’m only having you on. Dynamic. Right dynamic! You said it.

-I cheer for the little fella. I’m like old Sally Fields. Well, a male version anyway.

-“I’d like to thank all the little people.” Do you think she meant those Wizard of Oz types?

-The munchkins.

-She could munch on this!

-Now, now.

-Really. She was quite something in her day, that one. Oh, here, here! Here’s that part! I love this part!

-It all goes batshit crazy here! The shwwooooing. Flange it was called. I love it!

-The drugs. Say what you want, but where would music be without the drugs?

-John Lennon and his type.

-I’ve done the mushrooms once, but that’s it. Can’t smoke the weed anymore. Did a toke on Spook’s pipe last year and was six hours staring at my SKIL calendar in the garage.

-It’ll put you in a place, to be sure.

-I like this part. “I’d like to go there now with you…”

-Remember when you could just go?

-Go where?

-Go wherever. You just could.

-True, but I’d need to know where I was going.

-Good point. You might end up in Boogan’s and then you’d wished you’d never gone.

-Had a cousin in Boogan’s.

-No more?

-Not sure.

-You’re not sure where your cousin went?

-That’ right. I’ve got a few, you see. They go here, they go there.


-Oh, geez it’s over. The song. So short. Compact, like. You wish it would start all over again.

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