Two Newfoundlanders in a Bar Talk About “Shame Shame Shame” by Shirley and Co.

-Ah, the disco.

-Don’t tell me you’re getting nostalgic for that?

-I am. Just a little.

-But you hated disco. At the time, like.

-Hate is a strong word, Terry.

-You wore the shirt, John. It had I HATE DISCO written on it. You had it made at the mall.

-Right, I suppose that’s true. Still, this track. It doesn’t sound as foul as I remember.

-That’s because it wouldn’t be. Foul, like.

-It feels good to be less angry and all.

-It’s called growing up, John. It happens to all of us.

-Ah, yes. The mortal coil and all that.

-Besides, it’s the job of the young to hate things; to feel like they’re being chased around by something out of their control; to resent it, like.

-The mods hate the rockers and the folkies hate the punks and the jazzers hate the showbands and the metalheads hate Michael Buble. I get it.

-Down with the man! Free the gorillas! Save the one-eyed newt!

-Burn your panties! Release the poets of El Salvador!

-Death to Joey Smallwood!

-You’re stepping on thin ice, there, boy.

-You’re right. Sorry. I’m not meaning to ruin our night.

-No problem. How about: Bring me the head of Danny Millions!

-Better. And yet disco is still just a strange animal.

-Strange Animal? The fellow with the keyboard. And the wig, like?

-I’m not sure it was a wig.

-No, it was. Long in the back, short in the front. Like how Hillary Clinton used to wear it.

-I think they call it a mullet.

-After the fish?

-I’m not sure. It was a good look for the time. I mean, at least the image stuck.

-But he wasn’t exactly disco, now was he?

-No. He was what they call the ‘Prog’. ‘Prog rock.’

-Oh. Was he hated too? Like the rest?

-Oh I’m sure he was. Anything that is ever any good is hated at one point or another. They burned Beatles records. People wanted to ban Dylan from the radio. The Stones got death threats, all of that.

-Yet probably no one ever wore an I HATE GOWAN shirt in high school, did they?

-I wouldn’t be too sure, boy. I wouldn’t be too sure.

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