Two Newfoundlanders in a Bar Talk About “Karma Chameleon”

-This one.

-Ah, the Boy George.

-An icon you might say.

-Well, an icon over there anyway.

-Nonsense. This was what you’d call your monster hit. Worldwide even. School kids were singing it. Grannies, too.

-Right. But I meant the whole icon thing. The song is iconic, but Boy George, well, that’s a different story.

-How do you mean?

-The Boy Georges of the world. We’ve always had our share. I mean, when George decided to go out on stage wearing a dress, I don’t think it quite shocked here the way it shocked everywhere else.

-True. Like the MacIsaac lad. Always in heels that one.

-Don’t forget Uncle Rufus and his wig. Actually, there were a crew of them. I remember parties at the house. Rufus would yell “Wigs on!” and there you’d go. It was normal, like.

-Still, Boy George took it international. He took it to the big time.

-That he did. You remember what Tommy and Malone used to do at those early Grand Band shows?

-How could I forget!

-Right. The group would play– Ronnie Hynes and all that– and then Tommy and Greg would come out in drag, pretending to be groupies, like.

-They’d do their act. It was intermission but it wasn’t really intermission. It was a laugh riot.

-Worth the price of admission. And then, later, they’d do “Sonny’s Dream,” and, Christ, there wasn’t a dry eye in the house.

-You’d have your enlightened trans gendered comedy and then your lost at sea musical epic. Jesus, this place we live in, eh Terry?

-I know John.

-I mean, we’ve got it coming both ways.

-So you see what I mean about George and all the hype? I say, ok, good on him, but, again, it was nothing we hadn’t been exposed to all over the Rock. You know, people being who they had to be at all costs.

-They call that “being ahead of the curve,” Terry. At least it’s what some fella was saying on the radio the other day

-How’s that pay?

-How’s what pay?

-“Being ahead of the curve.”

-It’ll get you a Christmas pint at the Duke if you’re lucky,

-You take what you can get, John.

-I’ll drink to that, Terry. You’re a right Karma Chameleon yourself, you know that?

-Well, I’d say I have the occasional tendency.

-We all do, my friend. We all do.

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