A Message from the Unseen Hand

Hey readers. How’s it going? This is just a note to say that I am about to start writing a book (my lucky 13th). Hopefully it will all go well and I can vomit something lovely and readable in, oh, about ten months. But for now, I have to temporarily abandon all of this 45 writing because I must concentrate– travel and concentrate, too; and travelling, as you know, requires a certain amount of bullshit energy remembering flights and toothpaste and chewy bars and stuff– so if I continued these posts, I’d be further mudding up an already muddy brain. Allow me a respite, although I hope to continue submitting some guests posts that have already been collected, so we can at least look forward to that. If I come across any 45s on my travels or during this time I’ll try and find the time to write about them, but no promises. Keep whistling a melody and spinning those platters, folks. This was fun to do and I hope that, in the future, there’s more travel to come. Plus, it’s summer. Let’s all go outside and run around a little, shall we? (btw, my other blog slapshotdiaries.com will continue in the able hands of others).

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